It is with great regret that Harrow AC has to announce that it is unable to stage the Harrow Half this year and for the foreseeable future. Despite our team working hard to plan the event, and looking at several options, the event is no longer viable, and we cannot take the risk of making large, unfunded losses. We are very sorry for the disappointment this will cause.

Although we have the support of Harrow Council, Harrow School and Active Training World who all helped us organise the race in the three years from 2017-2019, the continuing challenges following the Covid pandemic have resulted in a significant rise to all costs. In common with the experience of other similar events, we are also likely to attract significantly fewer entries and therefore a reduction in income. The economic climate is tough for us all, and includes companies prepared to support and sponsor the Harrow Half.

 We have taken this decision reluctantly and after a great deal of soul searching. It was always our ambition to build the event year on year, but unfortunately our best laid plans have been derailed by circumstances outside of our control.

 We will be contacting those who paid for entries to the 2020 race and who decided not to have refunds when they were previously offered. Thank you to them for their patience. They will now have two options:

a) Get a refund or

b) Thanks to the generosity of Active Training World, they can instead have a free entry to the ATW Watford Half Marathon on Sunday February 5th, 2023, or the St Albans Half Marathon on Sunday June 11th, 2023.


Despite this news, we would, however, like to highlight that good opportunities still exist within Harrow to encourage runners and participation at all levels.


Harrow & Canons Park parkruns

Both events take place every Saturday morning at 9am over a 5km course at Harrow Recreation Ground HA1 4HZ and Canons Park HA8 6RH. Whatever your standard, it’s an ideal way to exercise and improve your times alongside others with similar aims.  


Harrow Athletics Club

Based at the Roger Bannister stadium in Hatch End, it was established in 1921 and its teams compete nationally, regionally, and locally. It welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. 

Metros Running Club
A friendly local club based in Harrow for runners with all aspirations and abilities.
Harrow Hill 10kSunday February 12th, 2023.


Hatch End – Harrow Triathlon – Sunday May 21st, 2023   Entries now open.


Sadly, we have reluctantly once again had to make the decision not to stage the Harrow Half Marathon and Sir Roger Bannister Family Mile this year. This is due to a number of local logistical reasons in Harrow, combined with the continued uncertainty and nervousness which still surrounds sporting events and those interested in participating.  

You will appreciate that it’s only possible to stage the races with the active support of Harrow Council, Harrow School, sponsors and other key partners and we’ve not been able to get sufficient support, both logistical and financial to ensure the viability of this year’s event. However, we have already started to plan next year’s race which will return in SEPTEMBER 2023. The date is likely to be 10th SEPTEMBER 2023. It’s disappointing of course but thank you for your patience. Our aim will be for the event to return stronger than ever. 

We are aware of the disappointment this will cause, especially for those who have shown their loyalty and support over the last two years by repeatedly deferring their entry to a proposed new date. We are so sorry that we are forced to do the same again this year.
We have good grounds to believe that we can restart the race in September 2023.
Please keep an eye on our website for updates.
Stay safe and healthy, look after yourselves and we look forward to welcoming you to the start line on September 10th, 2023.



With the uncertainty surrounding sporting events continuing throughout 2020 and well into 2021 due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have again had to make the decision not to stage the Harrow Half Marathon this year.

As you will appreciate, it’s only possible to stage the event with the active support of Harrow Council, Harrow School, sponsors and other key partners and we’ve not been able, in the continued uncertainty, to get sufficient financial and logistical support to ensure the viability of this year’s event. However, we have already started to plan next year’s race which will return in its usual slot on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2022, subject to confirmation.

It’s disappointing of course but our aim will be for the event to return stronger than ever. As always, the health and safety of runners, volunteers and supporters will be uppermost in our minds and we will plan accordingly.

Those who deferred their 2020 entry last year have been sent an email with two options:

  1. If they simply want to defer their entry to next year’s race, they can do so at the 2020 rate.
  2. For those who are not able to commit to the Harrow Half in 2022, we are offering a full refund of the entry and booking fee plus any orders for tee shirts. However, all money that was donated on entry will be passed on to charity. This option is only open until April 30th, 2021 after which date your entry will automatically be deferred to 2022.

We know you will appreciate and understand why we have had to take this decision. However, it’s our real hope that it will not be too long before sport as we know it resumes. Stay safe and healthy, look after yourselves and we hope to welcome you to the start line on September 11th2022.


Whether you’re looking for a target to achieve your New Year’s resolution or simply planning your 2020 race calendar, it’s the perfect time to enter the Harrow Half Marathon on Sunday September 13TH, 2020.

Once again, we are encouraging people to enter early by offering entries at an ‘early-bird’ rate for a limited period. The significantly reduced costs are as follows:

£24 for Club-affiliated runners

£26 for non-affiliated runners

£7 for entries for the Sir Roger Bannister Family Mile


For those who ran last year, you will recall that this is a big reduction on the final price for entering which was £29 / £31 / £7.

We have achieved this by deciding not to give everyone a free tee shirt after the race – there will still be medals for all. As you are probably aware, we have tried to lead the way on being truly conscious of our responsibilities to the environment and are continuing to look for ways to make the event more sustainable. Learning that many people now prefer not to have them, we are giving runners the option. You won’t get one automatically but If you do want one, they can be purchased on entry for £7.

We will also enable runners to order more than one, for a partner for example, and for the first time Family Mile entrants can order the same tee shirt too. Any tee shirts ordered after entry will cost £8. We will also be organising a collection of unwanted training and racing gear on race day to be passed on to a better home. T’shirt shown for illustration purposes only.

 The event is again being organised by Harrow Athletics Club, Active Training World and Harrow Council. Harrow AC is based locally at the Bannister track in Hatch End – named in honour of the legendary Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to break the four-minute mile, and who was born and brought up in Harrow.

Harrow Half Marathon goes ‘Single use Plastic FREE’

In 2018 Harrow Half Marathon was London’s first ‘Single Use Plastic Water Bottle Free’ event. Runners were able to refresh and rehydrate themselves at water stations along the course with OOHO, water in a biodegradable sachet that is made using a 100% seaweed based membrane. Removing single use plastic bottles and cups from the course was a big step towards achieving our goal of becoming a sustainable half marathon. We’re grateful to Selfridges and Skipping Rocks Lab for helping to make this happen. Find out more

The Harrow Half Marathon is back on 13th September 2020

The ‘Harrow Half’ is a traffic free, chip timed half marathon. The course features historic and well-known landmarks, stunning views, parks, countryside as well as the attractions you would expect of a modern, thriving borough and town centre.

The event is organised by Harrow Athletics Club, ActiveTrainingWorld and Harrow Council. Harrow Athletics Club are based locally at the Bannister track in Hatch End – named in honour of the legendary Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to break the four minute mile, and who was born and brought up in Harrow.

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Countdown Race Day 2020

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Event Info

Harrow Half
Date: 13th September 2020
Distance: Half Marathon
Length:13.1 miles
Run course: Undulating
Organiser: Harrow AC and ActiveTrainingWorld